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A little talk about the GDNG Community

2017-08-09 19:36:30 by MarcoCarella

i am honestly very angry at the GDNG community,since i am an active GD player myself.

I mean,if you guys hear a song and you like it why do you have to complain about it not being allowed for Geometry Dash use? I swear to god if i see another review on a viral song that says ''plzzzzzzzzzz geometry dash plzzzzzzzzzzzz''. It is not like your shitty 4K objects levels become any more special if you use the song you like. You just ruin the song.

And no,Newgrounds is not a tune dump. Not all producers have to stand at your childness and make songs exclusively for your generic ass levels:if they want to thats completely fine.

Yes,this was a rant but i had this thing stuck in my head. Hope you minimally understand and dont just go on retard mode and play yourself only on the purpose to insult me or whatever.


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2017-08-09 21:02:50



2017-09-30 17:57:27

Now if only the rest of the people who contribute to the NG GD community understood this, we wouldn't have so much theft and abuse.


2017-10-07 11:08:42

Yep. I agree.